How to locate the winform application elements in RPA

How to locate the winform application elements in RPA.

Please share a sample code for better understanding

As you where suggested already earlier - FlaUI.

Tools to locate the actual selectors are listed here; GitHub - GDATASoftwareAG/robotframework-flaui: Windows user interface automation library for Robot-Framework. FlaUILibrary is a wrapper for the FlaUI automation library.

Examples section says to look examples at atests folder which is here; robotframework-flaui/atests at main · GDATASoftwareAG/robotframework-flaui · GitHub

And once again im going to tell you; In case of issues, first read the documentation and second, if things are unclear, ask questions later. By now, things feel like you just want to outsource your own work to some random people in the internet.


Also, “in RPA” ? What are you referring to ? Robocorp’s rpaframework ? If yes, do not use that. Company does not exist anymore (its now Sema4.AI) and they stopped/will stop supporting robot framework bindings for their libraries…