Manage broswer like a window

Hello everyone!
As the title suggests, I would need to manage broswer processes already started (it is not possible to use selenium in any way).
In OpenRPA it is possible, but I would prefer to use robot framework. I was wondering if this opportunity was possible here as well.

From my quick tests, after opening the broswer process the locator cannot be found.

Thanks for the replies.

Hi Salvatore,

If selenium is not an option, then perhaps you could use BrowserLibrary? It uses Playwright instead of selenium, but if the issue is that your AUT is recognising that the browser is being controlled by an automation tool this might not work either.

This is where you need to step down the OSI layers

  • if you are using Windows you could try FlaUI Library
  • if that doesn’t work then the next layer down is low level image matching and keyboard/mouse presses, there are two libraries for that:

I’ve used all 3, they each have their pros and cons but fundamentally they all work well.

Hope that helps,


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@damies13 thanks for the reply!
FlaUI is exactly what I’m looking for.
But I would like to be able to use the Automation Studio in such a way as to be able to delegate the task development task to someone else.
How come it’s not possible to use since it’s supposed to be an interface automation?
when I try to use Broswer (ex new windows Edge) as a locator it is not found.

With this: Windows — RPA Framework documentation
i fix the problem.
FlaUI is a good solution but not have integration with Automation Studio.
With you get the same result but with Automation Studio integration! :smiley: