How to switch to different desktop application and click the elements

Hi, I am using RPA.Windows library for desktop automation.We have two applications on clicking the control in the parent app takes to another application. Here even after applying the keyword Control window, It is not recognizing that application.


I’ve never used RPA.Windows but use FlaUILibrary, so they are similar and not so far worlds apart in how you get and attaching a window, etc. but fairly similar…

A couple things I can suggest are:

  • Checking the locator you are passing to the Control Window keyword is correct. I use FlaUInspect to grab locators, but I have also used a variety of other means, such as x64Inspect etc…, but the name of the window generally is what you see at the top of the window.
  • Control Window has an optional argument wait_time It is possible, if your locator is correct, that this has run before the window has been activated; this argument takes a <float> value.
  • In addition to the wait_time, you can also pass a timeout, which is a float value in seconds. I’m not sure if you was set this before via the Global Timeout that it would hold true here unless readjusted, but something to be mindful of.
  • It might also be the case that the window is a Child Window? which you can use the keyword Control Child Window

EDIT: Removed Clear and Set Anchor from my comment; from what I understand, these won’t help as they are within, but it does take a <WindowsElement> so I will leave it as a note.

I would be more inclined towards the second bullet point.

I hope that helps at least; if not, sharing a snippet could be useful.

Documentation if you have not come across it >