Library comparison

Hi everyone,
we have a desktop application which is written in C++ with MFC and C# WinForms and I was wondering what would be the best library to use with robot framework in order to create the test framework?

I would appreciate your help

Hi Moji,

I would try the RobotFramework-Flaui-Library first, as it will probably give you the most control over the application.

There are a bunch of others to try if that doesn’t work, including:

  • white library (predecessor of flaui)
  • Autoit Library
  • Sikuli Library
  • Image Horizon Library


Thank you so much Dave.
Do you happen to know any supporting document, video or course to follow related to it? It’s going to be my first experience using the robot framework.

Thank you,

Hi Moji,

I don’t know any video to recommend for robot framework, when I was starting out I just searched Youtube and found lots of them, however they were mostly for SeleniumLibrary.

I’d still suggest following a SeleniumLibrary robot framework video, just to get the idea of creating keywords and using those keywords to build your test case if you’re no familiar with that.

After that, then you can try creating some keywords using Flaui Library.

On the page I linked, there is:

I Only used Flaui Library once myself, a few years ago. I found it quite easy, and it didn’t take me long to have my first test case working, just a few hours if I remember correctly, I mostly just followed the Keyword documentation


Hi mine also desktop application which is written in C++ with MFC
Which library you are using

Hi @surekha
I’d follow @damies13 recommended approach above, and the list of libraries that can be used.
I use Flauai having recently switched from Whitelbarary, Is it the best… or the worse… it’s definitely a simple library that does the job at ease, but it really comes down to your own preference when looking into what each has to offer and the approach and the application in question.

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Thank you @-daryl . Mine is little complex application.
i am new to automation and to this robot framework.
our application developed on C++ and MFC