Unique Test cases in Xray after running keyword test cases

Hi there,

quick short information:

Tools: Jira, Xray, Github, Jenkins, (PyCharm, Docker)
Building a test structure with Robot-Framework.


Testplan - called in Jenkins (e.g: TOOL-10)
Testsets - each .robot file which include test cases from resource file
Testcases - created as keywords

The aim is to get an automated overview in Xray with test case, test execution, which is linked with a requirement.

The Problem:
When I call a resource test case in two test suites (robot test files) the Jenkins ‘Xray build import task’ imports the same test two times (because it is called two times). But the test case is the same as before. therefor I would like to just get one imported test case in Xray. Is there any possibility (even also an other robotframework structure or architecture) to realize it?

robot files:

Xray (TOOL-83 and TOOL-84 are the same test case)

It seems there is no possibility to avoid double test case creation?