How to create a file directory and make verification of Excel file being downloaded for UI

Hello everyone! I’m very new here.

I’m using:

Library SeleniumLibrary
Library OperatingSystem

I need to create a file directory and then by clicking on export Excel file I need to:

  1. Place a file in specified file directory.
  2. Make a verification that file was downloaded/exist by the latest file in the list of all downloaded files in folder.

Does anyone know how to make it in RF using these libraries?


Easiest would be with following OperatingSystem keywords :

Create Directory    path
Copy File   sourcepath    targetpath

About availability one of these :

File Should Exist    path
Wait Until Created    path
Should Exist   path

About the “latest” file, it depends of infos you have, naming… You could use List Files In Directory and Get Modified Time keyword, or if the file is named with timestamp work on this too.




Thank you for your advices!