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Hey guys,
I’m looking for some advice regarding downloading files from a website and saving them in a defined folder?
I’m trying to find something in RF but nothing that works. I need to download a file by clicking a button on a website and then save the file in a folder that I’ve created, at the end I need to compare text from files but that I’ve already did using Python.

@VladislavGn You can do this with Browser Library Can you explain what the exact problem is?

Hi @VladislavGn,

Do you need to login and navigate a site first, or is it a simple download this file?

If you need to navigate use Lukas’ suggestion

if it’s a more simple download, RequestsLibrary might be a better option.

There are options, depends what you need to do as to which might be best.


I’m using SeleniumLibrary.
I’ve solved my problem by changing the default Download directory and adding a custom python function that will compare 2 files.
Additionally, I’ve added a verification of the number of files in the Downloads folder

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Thx for message, I’ve solved the problem, previous comment is about that

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