Read from excel file

Hi, still learning here. I would like to save my output location into a folder. Currently I set a variables and save the file.

In my excel I want to save it to the location from excel.


*** Variables ***
${filename} file.xlsx
${path} C:/xxx

*** Tasks ***
${parameters}= Get Parameters
Open URL

*** Keywords ***
Get Parameters
Open Workbook ${excel}
${table}= Read Worksheet As Table header=True
Close Workbook
RETURN ${table}

Open URL
Set Download Directory ${path}

I try to write something like this but giving me error

*** Tasks ***
${parameters}= Get Parameters
Open URL
FOR ${item} IN @{parameters}
Input Parameters ${item}
Download Location ${file} ${item}[LocationPath]

Download Location
[Arguments] ${file} ${item}

Set Download Directory    ${item}[LocationPath]

Error: Dictionary ‘${item}’ has no key ‘LocationPath’.

Please can you provide all libraries that you are using?

I’m using Library RPA.Excel.Files

The error is as it reads, the key value you passed to Set Download Directory doesn’t hold that key, but as to why the question around libraries, I’ve no idea where Download Location or Set Download Directory come from in terms of libraries, I’ve looked at a few Libraries to see if I can identify with Library it may belong to as you don’t show it to be a custom keyword in the snippet given.

And RPA.Excel.Files don’t hold any keywords for Download Location or Set Download Directory.