How can i read PDF file

Hey all, I’m new software tester trainee in my company (and only) and i appreciate if anyone could help me with this problem. I should get the pdf file from the downloaded folder. I try to put the path and use the “get file” keyword but the program doesn’t retrieve it. The file certainly exists in the folder still error message is: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:

This is fully path for the file on my local computer:

And this is path which is formed in the robot framework:

Welcome Lisa,

You don’t mention what library are you using. The path to the file you show is using URL style for a browser.
Your keyword Get File may not accept that URL style.

When asking questions, is always better to show the original keyword call and possibly the exact copy (in text, not image) of the output or error (as long as private/confidential information has been removed). This way we may try to reproduce the problem.

Hey, Thanks for your reply and advice, That is probably the problem, thank you. This is my libraries.
Test Teardown Close All Browsers
Library SeleniumLibrary
Library OperatingSystem
Library String
Library Collections
Library DateTime

And here is code:

${downloadPath}= C:\Users\****\Downloads

Then PDF invoice is downloaded to your computer and includes information that you entered and your company’s contact information

${setNameToPath}= set variable Laskuluonnos ${savedNameToPath}.pdf

${connectPaths}= join path ${downloadPath} ${setNameToPath}

${fullPath}=   replace string   ${connectPaths}   ${SPACE}   %20

log   ${fullPath}
${downloadedInvoice}=   get file   ${fullPath}
log   ${downloadedInvoice}

Attention, that when writing paths for Windows, you need to double the , or use like POSIX systems the /.
You also have the ${/} variable to be universal.