"Go Back", "Launch Application", and "Quit Application" keywords are not working with iOS 15.5 and Appium 1.22.3 versions

XCode version: 13.4.1
Appium version: 1.22.3
robotframework-appiumlibrary version: 1.6.3
Appium-Python-Client: 1.3.0
iPhone and iOS: iPhone 8 and iOS 15.5

Go Back keyword is not working with iOS 15 and Appium 1.22.3 versions, previously it was working with Appium 1.21.0 version, but now with the above environment setup, it is not working. This keyword is working as expected for Android platform

Launch Application and Quit Application keywords are getting executed successfully but these keyword’s effect is no more seen on the mobile phone with the above environment setup

On appium version <= 1.21.0, Launch Application and Quit Application keywords are working as expected.


  • All python-appium library keywords should be accessible by robotframework-appium library keywords (For ex. “Terminate App” and “Launch App” combination resolves my issue for relaunching by “Terminate App” keyword is not available in robotframework-appium)
  • “Appium” and “robotframework-appiumlibrary” should be synced for future releases/updates for hassle-free usage

Note - Above mentioned keywords are working as expected for Android platform. It seems like there might be an issue between XCode and Appium v1.22.3 (As this bridge is only having the issue, maybe both are not compatible with each other)

Same question I have asked in Stack Overflow - Link

I really appreciate any help you can provide.