Unable to locate an element with latest appium python client version

Hi Team,
I am working on automating the IOS and Android mobile apps using Appium, and Robot Framework.
Recently I have upgraded the Robotframework version 5, Appium Python Client version 2.7.0, and selenium version 4.2.0.
After upgrading the version to the latest ones observing this issue when I trigger any script: AttributeError: ‘WebDriver’ object has no attribute ‘find_elements_by_accessibility_id’

Here is the locator I am using:
${sign_in} accessibility_id=Sign In Button

I also tried writing the locator in the below formats but didn’t work.

${sign_in} AppiumBy.accessibility_id=Sign In Button
${sign_in} By.accessibility_id=Sign In Button

At present, I am calling AppiumLibrary in my code. below are the libraries i am using:
Library OperatingSystem
Library RequestsLibrary
Library JSONLibrary
Library Collections
Library AppiumLibrary
Library DateTime
Library String
If I need to install any other libraries let me know.

I think “find_elements_by_accessibility_id” is deprecated.

Note: Working fine with old versions I mean Robotframework version 5, Appium Python Client version 2.4.0, and selenium version 4.2.0.

Could someone help me on resolving this issue?
Could you help me in writing the locator exactly in Robot Framework?