GHAReports released

Small listener project that i never managed to publish properly is now available as “robotframework-ghareports”.

If enabled via --listener GHAReports when running robot in github actions, a job summary based on your testsuites/tests pass fail status will be added to the pull request - something like this: Move to pyproject.toml · rasjani/robotframework-ghareports@9f87669 · GitHub

Final output style is not set in stone so if there’s any suggestions, feel free to open an issue at


Version 0.1.0 released yesterday, example output looks something like this now; robotframework-ghareports/ at main · rasjani/robotframework-ghareports · GitHub

0.2.0 released.

  • New feature allows to create the summary markdown file even if not running on github.
  • If logging for testcase is multiline, previously this broke the markdown table rendering. This is now fixed.
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