Getting site can not be reached error when I am launching site using robot framework


I am automation one site through robot script and I am getting site can not be reached error. However I am able to launch site manually in chrome browser or in incognito mode.
Below is my robot script code

Can you please help … do I need enable any cookie or add any arguments to enable automation for my site

Below is the response headers difference. Right side shows …accessible site in chrome browser whereas left side shows site opened by automation which shows site not reachable

Thanks in advance

Hi @bk-user

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is a network error, nothing to do with Robot Framework.

What does “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” mean?

Commonly it’s because you need a proxy set to get to the web site I don’t see one set in your Chrome Options, do you need one? Here’s and example of setting the proxy settings for chrome.

BTW Maybe it’s just the screen shot? but the first Call Method ${chorme_options} looks like it’s missing an underscore ( _ ), same with the Create Webdriver line. ( ${chorme_options} != ${chorme options} )


I have used options like below
Call Method ${chrome_options} add_experimental_option excludeSwitches enable-automation
Call Method ${chrome_options} add_experimental_option useAutomationExtension False

And ${chrome options} is not culprit …that is working fine. My site is working fine when I am manually launching site in chrome browser or incognito mode so it looks like no connection issue at all

I tried to add prefs like below as below, but still I am getting site can not be reached error

Hi @bk-user,

As I mentioned before did you check the proxy settings?

  • when you open manually launching site in chrome browser, check what the proxy server settings are
  • when you open chrome with the script and site fails to load check the proxy server settings
  • are they the same? do you need to add a proxy option?


Where should I check proxy settings …Do you have any steps please?

Hi @bk-user



I checked my proxy settings and it is set to automatic and there is not manual proxy

I also tried by setting manual proxy url and port but still I am getting site can not be reached error when launching via automation. In manual proxy setting I can bypass the url which are mentioned to accept

Hi @bk-user ,

First on the manual browser try turning off ‘Automatically detect settings’ and then see if you can navigate to the site with incognito mode. If that fails then it tells you that your network admins are setting the proxy automatically, so then you need to find out what the proxy server settings are and try applying them.

If you can navigate manually after turning off ‘Automatically detect settings’, then here’s where it probably gets to be something out of your control, as I mentioned earlier ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is a network error, so you probably need to discuss with your IT team why you might be getting a network error, mention what you’ve done so far to diagnose the problem and see what they suggest.

Unfortunately theres nothing more we can do without being on site at your location, so you’ll need to get your IT people to help you.



I check with manual proxy settings and auto detect proxy setting to off. I am able to access site in incognito mode
Means its out of our control as you mentioned