How to create undetected_chromedriver instance in robot framework


I was facing issue mentioned in this link -Getting site can not be reached error when I am launching site using robot framework - #9 by damies13

I found solution like we can use undetected chrome driver and I tried to launch my site from python code using undetected driver and it worked

Now I want to create undetected_chromedriver instance in robot framework since I am creating robot script

Create Webdriver    Chrome    chrome_options=${chrome options}

Is there any we can create driver like below
Create undetected_chromedriver chrome_options=${chrome options}

Or If I use normal code Create Webdriver Chrome , will it refer undetected_chromedriver

Or How to should I create driver instance in python code and use it in robot framework …any way ?

I am getting error with below code-
Set Environment Variable webdriver.undetected_chromedriver C:\\Downloads\undetected_chromedriver.exe
Create Webdriver undetected_chromedriver chrome_options=${chrome

Hi there!
Any luck with this implementation using RF? I have the same scenario to automate. I could able to automate using regular selenium python.
Can someone help with how to use driver = uc.Chrome() in Robot framework?

Thank you!