Getting error "Setting 'Documentation' is allowed only once. Only the first value is used" when multiple documentation is provided

Below is the script which had written with multiple documentation lines


Hi @testingguser,

It looks like your error is related to incorrect indentation → User keyword name and documentation


@damies13 ,
The error is not related to incorrect indentation. it’s because of using multiple times in script. But as of i know we can use multiple documentations in script.

The error as it’s reads speaks of *** Settings *** cannot have multiple documentation tags, we don’t see the full picture here from your snippet and we cannot see what is maybe causing the error it could be one of few things, what Dave has provided is the correct usage of the tag

And the below is the test data syntax:

To be able to help more, sharing a full snippet would be helpful

Hi @testingguser,

by script do you mean a robot file, yes you can have multiple documentations in a robot file, but only 1 per test case or keyword, if you look at the first 2 [Documentation] tags you highlighted, they are at the same indent level as the surrounding lines, including the line above them and the [Documentation] tag above them

So these 3 [Documentation] tags are all considered to be in the same test case / keywords / section as each other. this is why I pointed out it’s probably an indentation issue, maybe not with the [Documentation] tag itself but rather maybe the line above that’s not correctly indented? Or perhaps you are using a [Documentation] tag where you should be using a comment?

As Daryl mentioned we can’t see the full picture and don’t really know what your intending to acheive, but we are trying to help you solve the issue based on the limited information you’ve given.