Extending Gherkin Syntax to other languages

Hi, I am currently working in a project for a company from my country, so some stakeholders requested us to write the test cases in our native language (Portuguese).

For keywords and variable names, it won’t be problem implement then in Portuguese havin only the keywords in library level implemented in English.

But, we use BDD process and need to change Given, When, Then, And for Dado, Quando, Então, E.

I found some workarounds like implementing these special words as a keyword calling BuiltIn.Run Keyword. I wouldn’t like to use such approach because it will affect the log, showing not the keyword used, but this custom keyword with the one we wanted to use as an argument.

Does someone know a way to add these words to Robot Framework ignore list?

Look at the progress of Issues for GitHub - robotframework/robotframework: Generic automation framework for acceptance testing and RPA maybe someone is working in that feature.

We have an old issue about this:

Good news is that it’s targeted for RF 5.0 that’s the next planned release. We have somewhat strict timeline with the release so there’s still a chance it’s descoped, though.