Converting RF scripts to Cucumber syntax

Can you convert existing RF scripts that use Selenium into Cucumber (Given When Then) syntax effectively and quickly? Any suggestions etc welcome.

So, you don’t want to use Robot Framework. anymore? (I won’t help you with that :wink: )

I don’t know of any tool to convert from Robot Framework keyword driven tests, to Gherkin behaviour driven tests (still in Robot Framework). You will have to that manually.

Please share if you create such tool :slight_smile:

We plan to continue using RF but want to convert the tests into a more readable format ie to use the Given When Then syntax instead of keywords and flows.

I was wondering if others had done the same thing and if so how?


I wrote on purpose like that, because Cucumber is a testing framework which uses Gherkin language.

But you have Gherkin in Robot Framework already, maybe you missed it from the User Guide.

I have an example on my site
You can try it, even if very old: