Error chromedriver and chrome version 111

hello everyone, my test is getting this error, did someone get this error too?

InvalidArgumentException: Message: invalid argument
(Session info: chrome=111.0.5563.64)
0 chromedriver 0x0000000105206f34 chromedriver + 4222772
1 chromedriver 0x000000010518d8b4 chromedriver + 3725492
2 chromedriver 0x0000000104e43c28 chromedriver + 277544
3 chromedriver 0x0000000104e2f108 chromedriver + 192776
4 chromedriver 0x0000000104e2d42c chromedriver + 185388
5 chromedriver 0x0000000104e2d5b0 chromedriver + 185776
6 chromedriver 0x0000000104e45d48 chromedriver + 286024
7 chromedriver 0x0000000104eb7ba8 chromedriver + 752552
8 chromedriver 0x0000000104eb7618 chromedriver + 7…
[ Message content over the limit has been removed. ]
…hromedriver 0x0000000104e72974 chromedriver + 469364
11 chromedriver 0x00000001051d7980 chromedriver + 4028800
12 chromedriver 0x00000001051dbe14 chromedriver + 4046356
13 chromedriver 0x00000001051e1e90 chromedriver + 4071056
14 chromedriver 0x00000001051dcad0 chromedriver + 4049616
15 chromedriver 0x00000001051b3f7c chromedriver + 3882876
16 chromedriver 0x00000001051fa918 chromedriver + 4172056
17 chromedriver 0x00000001051faa70 chromedriver + 4172400
18 chromedriver 0x000000010520e20c chromedriver + 4252172
19 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00000001aaee906c _pthread_start + 148
20 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00000001aaee3e2c thread_start + 8

What library are you using? Looks like Chrome has had a new release if I’ve followed it correctly, which was yesterday. if your managing your own chrome drivers (hence the library question) then possibly you’ll need to update that driver.

Would be worth providing more information on your library and updating the driver if so


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I have the same issue on chromedriver when running my headless script.
still can resolve this issue has some resolve the issue of stacktrace: chromedriver?

for more information:
Server: Mac Mini M1
chromedriver: 114.0.5735.90
google-chrome: 114.0.5735.198


    [Arguments]    ${driver}    ${URL}
    ${chrome_options}=    Evaluate    sys.modules['selenium.webdriver'].ChromeOptions()    sys, selenium.webdriver
    Call Method    ${chrome_options}    add_argument    --headless
    Call Method    ${chrome_options}    add_argument    --disable-gpu
    Call Method    ${chrome_options}    add_argument    --no-sandbox
    Call Method    ${chrome_options}    add_argument    --disable-dev-shm-usage
    Call Method    ${chrome_options}    add_argument    window-size\=1920,1080
    Set Environment Variable    ${chromedriver_path}
    Set Environment Variable    --service-log-path=${chromedriver_path}
    Create Webdriver    Chrome    options=${chrome_options}
    Go To    ${URL}
    Set Window Size    1920    1080```

cant resolve

OP’s error was specific to version 111, you are running a different version so at best guess it is unrelated, and neither did OP mention anything regarding headless? their error was the below around the time a new version was released:
InvalidArgumentException: Message: invalid argument
(Session info: chrome=111.0.5563.64)

It would be worth providing the full exception message/logs and any other information that you may find would helpful for anyone coming across your post.

Would I be right in saying the post here on Stackoverflow is yourself and if so, is this the same error (apologies if not, just your name, headless, and server all match. robotframework - Cant Run my headless automation script on the server (stacktrace) - Stack Overflow