Does RobotFramework support ChromeBook automation?


We have a requirement for automating tests for ChromeBooks.

Can RobotFramework able to do this? if yes, how?

Well, if you weren’t going to use RF, what would you use? RF is simply a test automation framework. The actual automation would be through tooling specific to ChromeBook support, then it’s a matter if such tooling has a RF library interface. If not, someone someday could build the library interface to such tool.

Hi @sayom88 ,

first question is can you run python directly on a ChromeBook? I’m not that familiar with ChromeOS I know that they have a way to run linux apps and android apps so you can run python as a linux app but that likely wouldn’t be able to interact with the core os.

If you can run python as a core os process then you should be able to run robotframework, then it’s just a matter of which libraries to use.

Hope that helps,