Using robot test cases from a UI

Hello everyone

I’m new to robot framework. I want to build a user interface with angular where i could use or run or modify robot test cases from the interface directly without having to go to pycharm for example or run a command
I wanted to know if it’s possible and was it done before

Kind regards.

Have you seen GitHub - robots-from-jupyter/robotkernel: Robot Framework IPython kernel for Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab

I don’t think this is exacly it
I want to run a robot test directly from a website i’m going to build. I heard about the remote library but i don’t know yet if it’s the one i’m looking for

Yes, that Jypyter is, running code from a website. On in this case, test cases from RF.

Thanks, it make sense yeah

So if i make notebooks using Jupyter, can i include them into an Angular9 project? if yes how so?

No idea, I do not use Jypyter. You should look Jypyter documentation or ask from their support forums.