Crash when files exist in recent files

Using RIDE on python 3.8
Windows 10 Enterprise (1909)

If any files exist in the recent files list (settings.cfg), RIDE crashes on opening. As a workaround, I have cleared the list and set the max number of files = 0. I will post additional details of the exact error shortly.

Message is:

wxWidgets Debug Alert

…\src\common\cocket.cpp(767): assert “wxisMainThread()”
failed in wxSocketBase::IsInitialized(): unsafe to call from
other threads [in thread 23fc]
Do you want to stop the program?
You can also choose [Cancel] to suppress further warnings.

My settings.cfg files section:

[[Recent Files]]
recent_files = [‘K:\MST0036_Excel_Graphical_Output_Performance\RFW\Excel_Graphical_Output_Performance.robot’, ‘K:\MST0038_Preferences_Test\RFW\Preferences_Test.robot’]
max_number_of_files = 4
_enabled = True

I tried changing the mapped drive to physical drive full path (d:\ drive) and same thing. Not that I really expected that to make a difference.

Thanks for reporting. This looks like a bug, probably due to wxPython + Python 3.8.