COAP library for robot framework

Hello All, is there a library for Constrained Application Protocol ( CoAP ) requests?

Maybe if you expand the acronym COAP, we could know what you are talking about.

I changed the question: Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP).


Wikipedia has a nice entry here. It lists Python apps, so it should be easy to use with Robot Framework.

I never tested at that level, but there is a Protocol testing library, Rammbock.

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Do you use M2M protocol?
If so, you can use Leshan java client and create RBF keywords.
If you wanna go really hard core you could use Wakama client written in C and compile it as python extension.

Yes, I use M2M protocol.
I have my own client and server LwM2M written in C. and it is with them that I want to communicate.

Ok so the hard way it is :smile:

There are 3 steps to go though:

  1. Create a python extension from the client code
    (here’s a great video about it -

  2. create a python module that will import the c extension and implement the keywords for the RBF script

  3. import the python module as a library to your RBF test script.

Good luck!

Thanks for your help.

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