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Good night, I’m starting this rpa life, I’m a Java, Node and web developer and I’m tired of this life, I want to learn new things, find this RPA area interesting, I’m starting to
reading documentation and doing research on robot framework, do you suggest any specific reading? Remembering that I am still crawling in this world. In the company I work for example there is the need to automate a simple task of opening a website, opening a PDF file on this website and reading / extracting specific data, is this possible with a robot?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Leonard,

Welcome to the forum. I made a similar transition like you and I don’t miss the old Java days.

Your use case is possible - the effort depends on the structure of the data you want to process.

Robocorp provide great examples and tutorials on their website:
They also maintain the https://rpa which is a constantly growing arsenal of APIs for implementing RPA with robot framework. I bet you find most of your use case in snippets from their examples.

They also have forum and slack providing quick and specific support for questions like this. But you are also welcome here :slight_smile:


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Thanks Markus, I will take the time to study
of robocorp.