A Place for Practice/Challenges?

Hi folks, I hope this isn’t outside of the scope or against the rules, but I"m trying to still wrap my head around getting more proficient in wielding Robot Framework for my job and leisure. For programming practice like C, python, Javascript etc, there’s plenty of sites that have challenges or program idea’s that you can do to build up being more proficient in the language. Does any such thing exist for Robot? I’d love for a bunch of increasingly more challenging tests that serve as practice… Does anyone know of anything like this? I’ve seen plenty of tutorials…which are fine,but nothing hands on that sort of gives you a task to try to complete…

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I have not seen such a thing, but it sounds fun. Report back here if you do find something! (It would be cool to spin off a clone of something like Codewars, but that sounds like a major undertaking…)

not really RF specific but https://www.vincixgroup.com/rpa-hackathon/ could be done with RF for sure …

Hi Jani,

I’ve not seen anything like this, it would be great to help people to get started though.

I recommended a few manual testers I’ve worked with over the years to try learning RF and so I suggested to them to write test cases for a couple of open source applications that provide demo’s

The ones I suggest are:

  1. OpenCart, this is a good starting application, as it’s a shopping cart application, so you can start with simple test cases like browsing the store and then work your way up to adding to a cart, check out, log in to check order status and login as admin to process orders and add products etc.

  2. Tryton, Once you’ve mastered OpenCart and want something more challenging this would be the next step, it’s a business application similar to SAP, so it has modules for finance/GL, Sales, stock inventory, CRM, supply chain, shipping, etc. Once you master the various business process flows in the web interface you can then step up to reproducing some of them in the desktop client and the API’s (simulating data coming from other applications)

The only thing I will say is if you are using their respective online demo’s don’t abuse them by running large numbers of tests against the online demo’s, there are docker images available for both applications, and obviously as these are both open source applications if you find bugs report them to the respective project.

Hope that helps,


Interesting, thanks very much. Opencart I’ve seen something like it. It’s a bit one note, but certainly good practice. What I’m looking to practice and do a lot of work on is a lot of file manipulation… text, documents, folders, and stuff like that.

@Horizon_Brave for those things you don’t even need an application just google “example xlsx” and download a few of the example files you find, then open them as “save as” xml, txt (tab delimtered) and csv and then you’ll have a bunch of common file formats to practice reading data from.

Also json.org has some JSON Example 's that you can copy and save into some text files to practice reading JSON files.

The Robot Framework builtin OperatingSystem and String Libraries have everything you need to manipulate directories and these types of files, though the XML and JSON Libraries will make those files easier.

If you can’t figure something out and have a specific question ask here in the forums.

Good Luck,