Interesting keywords from RPA Framework libraries (release 0.10.1)

I’d like to introduce some keywords from the rpa-framework libraries. I’ll go through some of the libraries in an unspecified order.

  • RPA.Cloud.AWS
    Upload Files and Download Files for easy S3 bucket operations.

  • RPA.Desktop.Windows
    Get Window Elements and then using e.g. Mouse Click on those elements.

  • RPA.Email.Exchange & RPA.Email.ImapSmtp
    Two different e-mail libraries, both of which have the keyword Send Message which can be used to - for instance - send e-mails with attachments and/or inline images.

  • RPA.Excel.Application
    Specifically Run Macro to run macros by name in .xlsm files.

  • RPA.Excel.Files
    Interfacing Excel files without opening an application (which is the most common use case). Many keywords related to manipulating sheets and cells. The keyword Read Worksheet As Table reads an Excel sheet and returns it in RPA.Table format, which makes it easy to iterate over and filter data.

  • RPA.Browser
    For launching browsers for RPA tasks there is Open Available Browser which will go through browsers (specific to OS) and open the first available option. It also manages webdrivers automatically. This library extends SeleniumLibrary.

    Keyword Download which will do just that - downloads content from the specified URL to the local filesystem. This library extends RequestsLibrary.

  • RPA.Images
    Keywords for inspecting images, such as finding an image within another image. Makes it possible to find specific elements with keywords like Find Template In Image.

  • RPA.Netsuite & RPA.Salesforce
    Combining these very specific libraries. Keywords of note are Netsuite Search to find information and for Salesforce object operations keywords like Update Salesforce Object.

    Keywords like Template HTML To PDF are nice for creating PDFs from HTML syntax and Get Value From Anchor which searches for anchor text and gets a value next to it.

  • RPA.Tables
    Handles any structural data in one format. Keywords like Get Column to retrieve data and Set Column to update that column value.

  • RPA.Twitter
    Keywords Like and Unlike a Tweet (RPA.Tweet), and of course keyword Tweet itself to create one.

There are some tasty keywords to try out, please do that and provide us feedback, issues, feature requests, improvement ideas or whatever by contacting us here in the forum or in the Robot Framework Slack channel #rpa-framework :heart: