Can we call protractor functions inside robot file or vice-versa?

I want to utilize functionalities of both protractor and robot. I have some code already developed in protractor i want to call that in robot file. or vice -versa. Is it possible ?

Hi @pranjil ,

I’ve not heard of protractor before, i’m guessing you mean this: Protractor - end-to-end testing for AngularJS?

At a very simple level you can just use Run Process from the process library to run your protractor script

${result}= 	Run Process 	protractor conf.js

You could take it a little further and create a keyword for running protractor js files and parse the stdout or just return it.

As for a library for integrating protractor and robot framework more than that, I don’t know of anything but someone else may know of something.

Hope that helps.


Hi @pranjil

A quick google search turned up this that might be useful:

Hope that helps,