Automation of Chat Bot in Robot Framework

Is it possible to automate the Chat Bot using Robot Framework

Could you give more information.
What Chat Bot? This ?

And what do you want to automate?
Gui, Backend, API?

ChatBot the Conversational flow between the user and the machine to direct or to do perform some action.
Can we automate this GUI feature in Robot Framework.

If you want to test a chat bot implementation using Robot Framework, then in that case, the answer is most likely yes. Although I would do bulk of the testing by using something else then UI. Usually there is some sort of ML/AI implementation behind a chat bot and most likely it has API, which can be tested independently without using UI. This is (usually) provides benefits for your testing, like speed, stability, better maintenance and so on. You may still want to do small part on the UI level, to verify that interactions with UI works, but that should be kept as small as possible.

Or do you mean something else, what that might be?

What will be the good idea either to test API or to test UI and what are the basic configurations required to do this?

I have related question, specifically how to test a Microsoft Teams chat bot. My problem is how to check the latest answer given by the bot. I have tried using “Wait Until Element Contains” keyword with id locator, but as elements in multiple messages in the chat history have same id, RF seems to locate a random answer from the history. What would be the best strategy for checking only the latest message? Is there a way to check only elements that are optically visible in the browser window?