Any AI suggestion

I need any AI tool that will create a robot script from the manual test case

Hi Krishna,

Lets start with the ethical part of the question:

AI is not a substitute for a real person, and probably never will be.

You need to be able to create a robot script yourself for your manual test cases first so that you can validate what the AI gave you otherwise how do you know that the script the AI generated actually tested what the manual test case required?

I have seen lazy test automators create tests that open a screen, click cancel and mark the test as passed rather than actually test the application, what’s to stop the AI doing the same?

A real person can be motivated to do the job properly or can be let go from the organisation, how do you motivate the AI to do the job properly?

Now for the technical part:

An AI needs to be trained with a model for the task it needs to perform, so I’m not aware of anyone having trained an AI model for robot framework, If you really need that then perhaps you could start training an AI framework, but honestly robot scripts are so easy to create (by design) that you’d probably spend more time creating and testing a working model than it would have taken to crate the robot scripts yourself.

If this is really a path you want to explore then I’d suggest starting it as an open source project so others who are interested can help you train the model.

Hope that helps,



Thanks Dave

I don’t know if an AI could write a test case. However, you could try with a recorder : Robotcorder - Chrome Web Store

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