What are the most important keywords used in the Robot framework UI Automation?

Important keywords to be used in the robot framework to automate the UI??

Hi Dinesh,

Regardless of GUI or not, Log is probably the most Important keywords, as it really helsp with test debugging

There are so many GUIs that can be automated with Robot Framework , so depending on what type of UI your app uses you’ll usse different Libraries and those Libraries will have different “Important keywords” so there is no one right answer to this question.



@damies13 Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi Dinesh, you may check cheat sheet as a quick reference Robot Framework cheat sheet and quick reference | Robocorp documentation. Also AREPL for python - Visual Studio Marketplace could give you a good intellisense if you are using vs code. Personally, I found VS code is good to robot debugging than Pycharm does. Have a good weekend!

Thank you very much, It is really helpful to me :slight_smile:

Aha interesting question both to why and which.

I second that to what @damies13 mentioned, with log and log to console as one of the most used/important keywords you could use.

I tend to use log to console more than log, but use both, just remember to clean up those debug lines after you are finished :wink:

I would also argue that a “keyword itself” is only as important/useful as one’s understanding, so I would vote possibly the most important, is one that understands the keyword/s, in turn making the documentation a very important part of getting to grips with the library in use.


Thanks you :slight_smile: