API testing with Cucumber


I just wanted to ask if someone know any documentation that I could use to work with API testing and Cucumber together in Robot Framework?
Is that possible?

Thanks in Advance!


Hi @kbrzusnian,

“API” (Application Programming Interface) is a very generic term, what sort of API are you wanting to test? FileMaker over IPX over TokenRing? (don’t laugh, I’ve seen some weird stuff in my time in IT)

I’ll take a punt that you want to test a SOAP or JSON api over http? In that case requestslibrary might be what you are after.



Thanks for the answer. I wanted to use the request library for sure, but i need some tips how to write tests with itin cucumber syntax

Hi @kbrzusnian ,

Do you meant Gherkin syntax ( Converting RF scripts to Cucumber syntax - #4 by HelioGuilherme66 ) ?

My guess is you will probably need to create some Gherkin style keywords and then put the standard Requests Library keywords in your Gherkin style keywords. I’m not really sure I’ve never used Gherkin syntax.

Probably start here Behavior-driven style and search the forum

I’m not really sure I’ve never used Gherkin syntax.


Cucumber is the Java implementation of a test runner that can execute spec files that are part of the BDD stack and use the Gherkin syntax. The reason that Gherkin syntax is used in BDD is to facilitate communication between development team, business users, customers and other stakeholders as to reach a common understanding.

If you’re not doing BDD like that, there is little to no point in using Gherkin syntax. Just write RF keywords that make it clear what’s happening and use the [Documentation] to explain why.

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