Zoomba: Windows Desktop: Accessing an element by property other than accessibility_id(AutomationId)

Window of the Windows Desktop Application that I wish to automate has a group (ControlType) of elements whose “Name” or “AutomationId” properties are not useful as it could change anytime. Only property that holds unique value is “ValuePattern.Value” as identified using “Accessibility Insights” tool.

Is it possible to use “ValuePattern.Value” or any other property in general apart from AutomationID, ClassName or Name?

Hey @viswabharathi,

Currently we are locked down to what WinAppDriver supports for locators so your only option here I think is to use xpath which can be located with the recorder provided by WinAppDriver. They are supposed to start up work on the driver again so I am hopeful for more support in the future.

Also in case you do end up needing to view that Value data in your test there was a question not too long ago where I gave an example of how to get that data:

Hope that helps.

Hi Wolfe1,

Thanks a lot for your response. This really helps.