When trying to access any desktop element by using accessibility insight tool with automation id, We are facing issue, Even if valid locator is provided

Hi Arun,

There is really not much information in your question for anyone to to help you.

I see you are attempting to access an element by an ID, but the id looks like a generated number, so my first question would be has the ID changed, i.e. is it a dynamic id that changes when the application opened?

Without knowing what libraries you are using what your test is trying to do etc no-one is going to have any idea how to help you.


Hi @damies13,
we are just trying to access microsoft teams element with automation id. And id has not changed when application is opened


I’ve not used RPA.Windows Library before so I don’t know much, but I see in your second screen shot that it’s AutomationId but in your script you’ve used id, perhaps you need to change id to AutomationId?

Hopefully someone more familiar with this Library can chime in and give you better advice than men :crossed_fingers: