How to read accessibility tool inspected elements using zoomba library?

Hi All,

1.I am new to zoomba library and robot frame work . I want to know how to read the elements listed in accessibility tool in my code ?

2.While identifying the title of the window “window_name” can i use regular expression instead of looking for the whole title ?

eg window_name = “wel*” [partial tile] instead of “welcome”
were the version numbers are dynamically changing

  1. How to navigate to child window using zoomba library?

Hey @kiran,

  1. The main bits that you want out of accessibility insights are listed at the top of the doc page here.
    When using the tool you simply need to roll over your element and see what options are available to you:

    I suggest filtering this list down to make it easier to use as there is a lot of extra information there.

To find xpath you will need to use the recorder provided by winappdriver here.

  1. The way the code is laid out I don’t think this is currently possible. Please raise an issue on github and I can look into it.

  2. I think you are looking for Switch Application By Name.

Regarding number 2, I saw there was another request for this so I went ahead and put something together quickly. Currently its just in a branch if you could give it a try:

To install simply clone the branch, open a command prompt, navigate to the repository root and run:

pip install .

For the keyword you will now just need to supply your partial window_name (without any extra regex characters) and set ‘exact_match’ to False

Switch Application By Name | http://localhost:4723 | window_name=wel | exact_match=False

Let me know if that works for you!

This has been released:

Thank you Brandon for all your responses .

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