Yaml on the Roadmap? yaml extension for VS Code?

I keep global variables in a yaml file because it is convenient. In my *.robot, I need only add:

Variables  globals.yaml

is this technique off the roadmap, or still fully-supported by Robot Framework? I saw a rumor on the Slack Channel, but I hope it is wrong. I suspect that many of us use *.yaml for simple variable definition, i.e. setting to a literal value, without any ${} interpretation.

P.S. Does anyone know of a VS Code Extension which reads the yaml and can hop over (F12) from Robot code to the desired Variable Definition in, say, globals.yaml file?

I am not part of the RF foundation, nor I don’t work with Robot Framework core, but I am not aware any intentions to remove YAML support.

Thanks, Tatu.

How do you “Go to Definition” when hovering over a global variable in an IDE? Say, for example, a yaml-defined global SVCHOST, and in your robot code you want to see its definition. How do you get there without searching?

${service_address}  ${SVCHOST}:${SVCPORT}

I do not use YAML with Robot Framework, so I do not know. Depends on the IDE you use and would be good to ask from the IDE developers.