Workaround for using too much Sleep

So, I need to set a global wait activity to my tests using AppiumLibrary, a delay between each Appium command, just like SeleniumLibrary’s ‘Set Selenium Speed’, which ‘Sets the delay that is waited after each Selenium command’. Is there something like this in AppiumLibrary, or any suggestion to emulate this behavior?

Need this to get rid of the dozens of Sleeps I’m using to prevent the test from going too fast and make Robot unable to find things on the screen in time.

Maybe a combination of “Wait…” keywords and Set Appium Timeout?

There are several Wait … keywords that take timeout as an argument. All of these timeout arguments are optional. The timeout used by all of them can be set globally using this keyword.

Will try this today, thanks for the reply!

@janipalsamaki .Thanks for giving this clear answer. I am gonna try it and will let you know about the results.