Replace sleeps with smart waits

I am writing to ask if you could give us help or advice to change sleep for waits or “intelligent” waits for an automation project that we are doing in Robotframework. Thank you and greetings.

Hi Juan,

Changing sleeps for waits or “intelligent” waits, is quite easy to do, it’s just a matter of substituting sleep keyword step with a wait keyword step. Which wait keyword you use will depend on the Library you are using, for example SeleniumLibrary has about 14 wait keywords and BrowserLibrary has about 10 wait keywords, though some of the 10 wait keywords provide the same functionality as several of SeleniumLibrary wait keywords so don’t use the number of wait keyword as a guide to the usefulness of the Library.

Without knowing which Robot Framework Library you are using I can’t give a more specific answer, but hopefully that was helpful,


By using Browser library you don’t need to use that many waits than it’s required with SeleniumLibrary. Browser library is more intelligent in waiting until an element is ready for an action.

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