Why would the BuiltIn Library not be available?

I am running Robot Framework 5.0 (an upgrade from 4.x.), using PyCharm 2021.3.3 Community Edition. When I try to use a BuiltIn Library keyword it is not available. I have seen this behavior before with SeleniumLibrary but the cause was too many spaces between Library and SeleniumLibrary. Since you do not import BuiltIn I am confused on what could be the root cause.

I am inputting the Keyword into the Keyword section. For example none of the “Should Be Equal” keywords are found.

I do not have issues with other libraries: Selenium, String, or Collections:

Same here. I am also facing this issue.
But the issue I face is I do not get String keywords. I get Collections, Selenium and others.
@bweston Did you find any solution to this?

@rajshekharth Did you import “Library String”? My Built In keywords are now visible to me. I removed IntelliBot # patched plugin and installed Robot Framework Language Server. I also am using the latest Robot Framework 5.0