WhiteLibrary – Scroll to an item in a Combobox

I’m working on automating a windows app where I need to select an item from a combobox.
For this I’ve used WhiteLibrary, Select Combobox Value keyword that works as expected for some but there are instances this keyword fails with the exception “AutomationException: Cannot perform action on Button. AutomationId:LargeIncrement, Name:Forward by large amount, ControlType:button, FrameworkId:Win32, element is offscreen”.

Hence, I’ve tried to see if I could scroll to view the item that is to be selected as follows, however this too doesn’t solve the issue as the item to be selected falls exactly on the border. Would appreciate any guidance if anyone has solved something similar and there’s a better way to approach this.


    ${Passed}=     Run Keyword And Return Status   WhiteLibrary.Select Combobox Value         
   id:ComboBoxCol_${Index}    ${ColVariable}
    IF   "${Passed}" == "False"
        WhiteLibrary.Press Special Key    SCROLL
        WhiteLibrary.Select Combobox Value    id:ComboBoxCol_${Index}    ${ColVariable}