Need Help with clicking this list box

I have trying to click the element from this list, but always getting error.

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Hi Rene,
Here are the details,

    wait until element is enabled  //*[@id="kendoAutoComplete"]
    sleep  10
    input text  //*[@id="kendoAutoComplete"]  mc donalds, inc.
    #set selenium timeout  5 Seconds
    sleep  10
    wait until element is visible  //*[@id="kendoAutoComplete-list"]/div[2]/ul
    select from list by value  //*[@id="kendoAutoComplete-list"]/div[2]/ul/li[1]  McDonalds, Inc.


KEYWORD SeleniumLibrary . Select From List By Value //*[@id=“kendoAutoComplete-list”]/div[2]/ul/li[1], McDonalds, Inc.

Documentation: Selects options from selection list locator by values .
Start / End / Elapsed: 20200612 10:49:52.426 / 20200612 10:49:52.786 / 00:00:00.360
00:00:00.345KEYWORD SeleniumLibrary . Capture Page Screenshot

10:49:52.426 INFO Selecting options from selection list '//*[@id="kendoAutoComplete-list"]/div[2]/ul/li[1]' by value McDonalds, Inc..

10:49:52.785 FAIL List with locator '//*[@id="kendoAutoComplete-list"]/div[2]/ul/li[1]' not found.

Select From List By Value is not for clicking li-list items, but for selecting an element of a Drop-Down Menu

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