Clicking on wrong element

I have a Java Swing Desktop Application. I’m using Robot Framework SwingLibrary to automate the desktop app. I have an usecase where I need to select ‘item x’ from Popup menu. Here is my keyword:
‘SwingLibrary.Select From Popup Menu popuppanel Select|Mode’

This keyword works fine in most of the windows test machines. But it fails in one of the windows test machines where it always clicks ‘item x-1’ instead of ‘item x’. It appears that Jemmy is using (x,y) coordinates to select items instead of selecting as objects.

I tried changing the zoom settings of the desktop-app, display resolution of the OS but nothing seems to work.

Is there other way to operate the popupmenu apart from the keywords provided at For eg., in web applications we can use Jquery executor to operate directly on the DOM. Is there a similar way to access the popup menu items in Swing Library? Or are there better options?