When run the ride.py,told that can not find specified module

also set the system environment cariable in path :C:\Python311 and C:\Python311\Scripts

Why would you start RIDE from Pycharm?

You should start from command window, or desktop shortcut.

To develop RIDE, you need to setup Pycharm or other IDE to start from init, and with proper PYTHONPATH set.

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Thanks,i did as you said,but also told me that,i cost almost 3days,all failed

i don’t know where is wrong.

That version of RIDE is not compatible with Python 3.11.

You need to install development version.

dose python 3.12 compatible with ride and robot 7.0?

Current development version is compatible with Python 3.12 and Robot Framework 7.0.

See the README at: GitHub - robotframework/RIDE: Test data editor for Robot Framework

Install with:

pip install -U https://github.com/robotframework/RIDE/archive/master.zip