VSCode Testing View shows many ,, directories in tree only on Windows

What am I doing wrong. I’ve been using Visual Studio Code on Linux with the robocorp plugin for some time now. Recently I had a requirement to use it on Windows and in the Testing view I get all of the directories in my path all the way down to C: as a .. and then all the way back again with the directory name. So for a simple test project as follows:

└── robots
    ├── awesome.robot
    └── cherry.py

I get the following testing view:

The identical project structure in Linux, I get the much nicer:

Both of these are running VS Code on Windows 10, the second one is using the Remote Extension to connect to my Linux box. Currently using Robot Framework Language Server extension v1.12.0.

I almost seems like on the Windows filesystem it cannot find the repository root directory so it recurses all the way up “…” to C:, then gives up and comes all the way back down to where it started.

Am I missing some config somewhere?

FWIW using the RobotCode - Robot Framework Support extension (robotcode.io plugin, I get the same thing on both Linux and Windows, both of which are good and as expected :+1::

So I will probably switch to using this green robot plugin it for now. It lacks the Robot Documentation View, but I can live without that and run libdoc manually.

Hi Kim,

It seems you have something like in this post, with duplication or added structure :

Can’t tell you tell the reason, but as oftenly stated here, LSP will not be maintained for long, so indeed you should use Robotcode, moreover if it solves your problem.
If you go this way just you don’t keep both extension together as it may lead to problems.
You’ll find a lot of info on how to tune up Robotcode and launch.json also.



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see here: https://www.youtube.com/live/7Uad_250YuI?si=M76YMjZyoVtFkGSU&t=2231

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