VSCODE with Robot Code - No tests found in this file

Hi again,

My second post here,

I’m using RobotCode with VSCode

I’ve got most of the things up and running now, except being able to run and use debug.

When I go inside my .robot file and right click and choose run current file. I get ‘No Test found in this file’

Can someone help me with this?

Are there some set ups that I’ve missed?



Open the “Testing” view in VS Code and check your tests are listed there or if some error message is shown.
Typical errors I saw in the past that caused problems:
Mixture of “Tasks” and “Tests” within a project.
Some files in the project which cannot be read/accessed by RobotCode extension.

Ty Many for your quick response,

Yeah I found some issues with me parsing arguments, so I removed said arguements.

But now when I run, I instead get ‘The test run did not record any output’



where do you get this message? Can you maybe make a screenshot?

I’ve been playing around with it alot lately, so now I’m back with “No Test found in this file”

My “Testing” view is unconfigured


So I’m back on square one for running the test test directly from vs code.
What do I need to make it work?

Normally when we simply run this TC we use the following:

robot --loglevel DEBUG:DEBUG -A ~/.autotest/mytest/robot_env.arg --variable ERP:IIP -i TC78755 .

we have this robot_env.arg file where we have the information to our SUT.



What exactly are you trying to configure?
Or rather, what problems do you have exactly?

What does your argument file look like?

I gave a short tutorial at RoboCon on how to set up and configure RobotCode. And also some information about the new robot.toml file with which you can configure RobotCode, but also the execution on the command line. Maybe this is interesting for you:

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I want to be able to run and debug my Testcases in vscode.

These are my installed extenssions:


What I have working, are intellisense, linting (robocop) and formatting (robotidy).

My argument file is just a bunch of variables needed to connect to my SUT:




Ok, which Vscode/Robotcode settings have you changed?

Ty for your response,

This is my setting.json

From .config/Code/User

“files.encoding”: “iso885915”,
“C_Cpp.workspaceParsingPriority”: “medium”,
“update.showReleaseNotes”: false,
“[robotframework]”: {
“editor.wordBasedSuggestions”: “off”,
“editor.semanticHighlighting.enabled”: true,
“editor.inlayHints.enabled”: “offUnlessPressed”,
“editor.quickSuggestions”: {
“strings”: “on”
“editor.defaultFormatter”: “d-biehl.robotcode”
“robotcode.robot.env”: {
“RESOURCEPATH”: “/home/masys/ikea_sture/common-resources”,
“IKEARESOURCEPATH”: “/home/masys/ikea_sture/autotest/ikea-resources”
“robotcode.robot.paths”: [
“robotcode.debug.defaultConfiguration”: {},
“robotcode.robocop.exclude”: [
“robotcode.robotidy.config”: “/home/masys/ikea_sture/autotest/pyproject.toml”,
“workbench.settings.applyToAllProfiles”: [
“robotcode.robot.args”: [
“robotcode.debug.attachPython”: true,
“robotcode.debug.useExternalDebugpy”: true

I’ve also watched the video you mentioned. It seemed so easy to set up from scratch. But there i no mention how to adapt everything to an existing workspace.



I got this weird error in output:

I do however have Robot Framework installed

Hi @MartinX
Could it be related with the Workspace. Did you try to create a Workspace folder which have all your robot files and libraries?
Maybe this could solve the issue.