Variable in PlatformAndEnvConfig.robot stays red

Hi everyone,

I’m stuck with something. Under my External Resources folder in Test Suites I have PlatformAndEnvConfig.robot and in there I have some Resources set up and one Variable. for the life of me it stays red. I have added the paths to to Environment variables, but still no luck. The file lives in “C:\work\Automation\ZapperV2\ZapperCommon\staging”. I’m pretty new at this but learning as I go.

What Am I missing?


This may be a problem of RIDE, and combination with other issues, like for example the version of Robot Framework and Python.

Most important thing to check is if this is a False Negative situation, where the variables file shows in red color, but the test actually runs without problems.

You’re actually right, the test ran up to a point where I expected it to fail. I am spammed with this error though.

[ ERROR ] Calling method ‘log_message’ of listener ‘C:\Program Files\Python312\Lib\site-packages\robotide\contrib\testrunner\’ failed: AttributeError: ‘Output’ object has no attribute ‘_xmllogger’

My OCD is going to get the better of me :smiley:

Thanks for the help so far.