[ ERROR ] Calling method 'log_message' of listener

My test case is failing with below error message.
[ ERROR ] Calling method ‘log_message’ of listener ‘C:\Users\vassai01\Devapps\Python\Lib\site-packages\robotide\contrib\testrunner\TestRunnerAgent.py’ failed: AttributeError: ‘Output’ object has no attribute ‘_xmllogger’
Log: C:\Users\vassai01\AppData\Local\Temp\1\RIDEsx7rzmqx.d\log.html
Report: C:\Users\vassai01\AppData\Local\Temp\1\RIDEsx7rzmqx.d\report.html

Installed below version RIDE and Python -
Python - 3.11.0

@vshruti I think it has something to do with RIDE not yet supporting Robot Framework v7 Is there an error in running test cases on the robotframework ride? - Stack Overflow

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Feels like a bug in of sorts on RIDE If i deduct what could be wrong, testrunneragent checks _xmllogger if the message has been seen but fails cuz its not there. As that particular version of ride is already bit old, this could be even some dependency mismatch but maybe @HelioGuilherme66 could take a look ?

However, codepath that triggers this has been already removed here; Remove non-api dependency to Robot Framework (#2700) · robotframework/RIDE@029977c · GitHub

So maybe you could try to install RIDE from github straight if everything else fails…

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To troubleshoot error messages in RIDE, you should always run the test from command line to be sure it is from RIDE and not Robot Framework.

Try with current development version, like @rasjani suggested.

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