Issue with custom library, Its showing in red

Hello all. Could someone help me on the below issue please…
When I launch the RIDE, common.robot is showing our custom library in red in RIDE. Me & my colleague have tried:

  1. Copied the ZapperLibraries folder into the Python Site-packages folder - C:\Users\brama\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python311\Lib\site-packages)
  2. Added the paths to the environment variables
  3. Made sure ‘Zapper Libraries’ exist by running pip list
  4. Upgraded RobotFramework via pip

Python Version: Python 3.11.0
Robot Framework version: Version: 7.0

Hi Support, I’m the colleague. :slight_smile: Please see screenshots of his path variables below:


This is Support :smiley:
(we don’t have actually a support line, this is a community of users :wink: )
I am the Maintainer of RIDE.

To troubleshoot red colored imports, there is a button named Import Failed Help which give some instructions. Specially the one to check the RIDE log.

If there are errors in RIDE log, then there may be a problem with the actual code of the Library.

Other very important check, is to understand if the problem is in RIDE or from other origin. So, open a command window/terminal/shell and run the test there. If it runs OK, then it is a problem in RIDE.

I mentioned “somewhere” :tm: that sometimes the library takes some time to load the keyword documentation, and after moving around the GUI of RIDE it will show normal color and keywords docs are recognized.


Also worth pointing out that copying a random library into site-packages is never a good idea. Either package it and let the python packaging tools (like pip) to handle that or use PYTHONPATH environment variable or robot’s command line argument to point robot to find external libraries/packages.


Ah! Well thank you for your good work :smiley:

Thank you we will try your suggestions and let you know what happened.

We may have been a bit vague about the custom library part. In short the automation we are trying to get going again was put together by a past colleague and used with great success. OP and I are using the exact same files (with some tweaking as errors arise) on two different workstations but running into trouble on the one workstation. My working solution is on windows 10, OP’s is on Windows 11.

For whatever reason this one library does not want to play ball. We are both fairly new to this and not proficient in Python (yet). :slight_smile: