Using VSCode, how do I navigate to my robot file when I F12 or command click a python def

Description : As a user of PyCharm, when I perform a command click of a def, pycharm loads up the robot file that uses that function.

But in VSCode, when I F12 or command click a def, it does not go to the robot file. BUT when I do the reverse, I command click the same function in the Robot File, it refers the Python File that has the code.

VSCode extensions :

Pylance, Python, Robot Code


“python.analysis.extraPaths”: [
“python.defaultInterpreterPath”: “/Users/user/.pyenv/shims/python”

In the right-click menu, there’s most likely a “find usage” or “go to definition” (with their shortcuts, if configured). You can also set your own shortcuts…I personally never did so, so google is your friend for that.

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