Run with debug robot framework in VS Code

I’m working with VS code version 1.85.0 (user setup)
How can I add the ability to debug robot framework tests (that running also python scripts) from VS code.
I know that there is an option to display the ‘debug’ line above each test case.
How can I add it?
I have the ‘robocorp code’ and ‘robot framework language’ extensions
in the settings of the ‘robot framework language’ I updated the path of the python in the fields: Robot › Language-server: Python and Robot › Python: Executable and it didn’t help

If you use Daniel’s RobotCode extension (disable any other language servers for Robot Framework), you can add a debug config from the Debugging tab by choosing “Add configuration” from the dropdown next to RUN AND DEBUG at the top of the Debug view. After doing that, you should get green “run” arrows in your test suites and your Testing view should populate with available suites.

I did it and I have the green run. But if I add a breakpoint in the python file (that the robot test call it) and run the test with debug, the run doesn’t stop where the breakpoint is.

By default debugging python is disabled.
Search for the setting robotcode.debug.attachPython in the VSCode settings and switch it on.