Using RoboZap execute app


Library   RoboZap   ${PROXY}    ${PORT}


${PORT}    2869

RoboZap.Start Gui Zap   C:\\Python27\\ZAP.exe


[Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified


RoboZap.Zap Open Url

It continues trying to open but never opens.

Can you help? Thanks.

This is the first time I see mention of RoboZap library. Looks like some Windows related app.

@RuiCovid You ask here because contacting the maker of that library, did not get any answer?

Hi! I sent an email to them and got no answer.
I sent to a person from their github.
Is this right?

That is a good approach.

About your problem, the error message is correct, you don’t have .sh scripts in Windows, you have to try on MacOS or Linux.
(I looked at the code and is calling a .sh script. You can modify the code to start an .exe, and if it works, then you should propose a condition on Operating System)

Technically not valid statement. If you happen to install git client on windows, it does ship with bash and then, you can run “.sh” scripts just fine on windows. Infact, i do all my work on windows desktop by connecting to it via ssh and it defaults to bash.

But true, the code in is not intended for Windows…

Thank you Jani for the option you mention.

Thank you Hélio. I’m going to look to the code too and try to figure out a solution. Could you please tell me what is the file dealing with .sh files?

I am also a lazy guy, but here it is:
Lines 45 and 64 of

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Thank you Helio.
I’m new to robot.

Good morning, I am also trying to integrate RobotFramework with OWASP ZAP, I would like to know if you have an example project on which I can base myself to be able to carry out this integration

Buenos dias, yo tambien estoy intentando integrar RobotFramework con OWASP ZAP, quisiera saber si tienen un proyecto de ejemplo en el que me pueda basar para poder realizar este integracion