My window EXE keeps showing this error

One function of my python script executes 1 task from robot file. It works as desired before generating a window exe. However, it keeps showing error message while running by window exe. Anyone could help? Thanks!

This is my setting in robot file.
*** Settings ***
Library RPA.Windows
Library RPA.Desktop

And this is library in my python script.
from robot import run_cli

Hi Yu Jie,

I don’t use the RPA libraries myself, Perhaps you should raise an issue with them if you don’t get an answer here.

It looks like there is a missing dependency based on the error, but it makes me wonder what a module called Easter do? (provide Easter Eggs perhaps?)

Sorry I don’t know enough about the RPA libraries to give a better answer, hopefully someone else can :crossed_fingers:


@damies13 None Shall Pass!

That “library” is easter egg that embeds into robot log …

Maybe shrubbery needs to be located ? :smiley:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Maybe Executing RobotFramework from PyInstaller generated exe gives error that log.html can't be found · Issue #4382 · robotframework/robotframework · GitHub helps ?

problem solved by “import robot.libraries.Easter” in my python script.

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